"Evil Touch" is on the shortlist for the Emmy award
The Evil Touch series was shortlisted for the annual Daytime Emmy Award. The company Blitz Film, which was involved in the production of the series together with the American company Associated Television and the Armenian company Academy Films, was informed about this by the committee of the award. Sergey Sarkisov is the director and executive producer of the project. The general producer - David Mackenzie.

Horror series is an international project that was shot in the territory of Armenia for American television with the participation of Armenian, American, British actors (Jennifer Ville, Joe Nesivochia, Eric Fallous, Perry Strong, Carmen Hodgson, Chris Sparks, Mallory Reese, Daniel Covin , Alexander Khachatryan, Anush Arakelyan, Arsen Grigoryan and others) and the Russian film crew.

A group of American students traveling in Armenia falls into a remote village, which seems strange and dangerous to them.

The shooting took place in Yerevan, Dashtademskaya fortress, Oshakan, Saghmosavank, Ashtarak, where the historic building of the ancient Persian bathhouse was completely restored for the filming.

Currently, all episodes of the series are available exclusively on Popstar!TV the PopstarTV app.

The list of nominees and prize winners will be determined by the organizers until April 26. The award ceremony was to be held in June 2020, but was canceled and postponed indefinitely due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus.

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