Russia, 2015

Andrey is a successful businessman and the owner of a billion-dollar business. He sets off for a short trip on his own boat with his family - his young wife, his daughter from his first marriage and her fiancé. Before leaving Andrey tells the family that he decides to leave the business and to transfer all the assets to the charity. After the first night in the Bay, Andrey suddenly disappears. Left on the boat with no light and the team, Andrey's wife, along with his daughter and her fiancé begin to suspect each other. Finally, it comes out that each of them has their own incentives to murder Andrey.

Director: Sergey Sarkisov
Script: Sergey Sarkisov, Alexander Zhizhnevskiy
Producer: Sergey Sarkisov
Creative producer: Nikolay Sarkisov
Executive producer: Rustam Yusipov
Line producer: Alexander Zhizhnevskiy
Production designer: Anton Polikarpov
Photography director: Alexander Efoshkin
Film editor: Nikolay Viktorov
Cast: Anna Churina, Sergey Sarkisov, Anton Filipenko, Tatiana Khramova

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