Documentary "Hate Among Us" Sheds Light on the Rise of Anti-Semitism in the World
In 2017, executive producers David McKenzie, Dean Cain, Montel Williams and Sergey Sarkisov tackled a subject that to this day is not fully acknowledged, the Armenian Genocide (also known as the Armenian Holocaust), in the documentary Architects of Denial. Most historians call this event a genocide: a premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire people. An estimated 1.5 million Christian citizens, most of them Armenian, were impacted from approximately 1914 to 1923. Yet, the Turkish government still does not acknowledge the scope of these events.

Architects of Denial has been adapted into television special Denial.

In October of this year, McKenzie, alongside Cain, Williams and Sarkisov, launched the annual Impact Humanity Television and Film Festival (IHTFF) at the Moscow Cinema in Yerevan, Armenia, to raise awareness on the issues related to the global humanitarian crisis. The gathering showcases the key television shows, the feature films and the documentaries that educate, inform and help prevent acts of inhumanity around the world. The goal is to offer this festival in other places to raise awareness of human rights through storytelling.

Now, the quartet—McKenzie, Cain, Williams and Sarkisov—have executive produced the documentary Hate Among Us, which shines the spotlight on anti-Semitism at present worldwide. It opened on Friday, November 29 at two theaters: Cinema Village in New York City and Laemmle Town Center in Encino, California.
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