Caucasian Rim – forgotten war
Russia, 2016

For most Russians 1812 is associated with the Patriotic War against Napoleon's Great Army. It was praised by historians, writers, painters and composers of the time. At the same time the war with Persia was left in the shadow. This war broke out in the south of the country from 1804 to 1813 and largely predetermined the future of the region and the Caucasian peoples. The documentary by Sergey Sarkisov and Grigory Nakhapetov is about this war and its forgotten heroes.

Director: Sergey Sarkisov, Grigoriy Nakhapetov
Script: Levon Grigoryan with the participation of Grigoriy Nakhapetov
Producer: Sergey Sarkisov, Grigoriy Nakhapetov
Executive producer: Olga Sabo
Coproducer: Grigoriy Nakhapetyan
Music by Vadim Efimov
Photography director: Alexander Melkumov
Editor: Dmitry Zhigunov, Alexander Krupenin, Vladimir Popov, Alexander Frolov
Sound designer: Ivan Daynakov

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