To Paris! and Krasny will be broadcasted in USA and Canada
A deal for rights for 'To Paris!' and 'Krasny' movies for the territories of the USA and Canada has been concluded between Blitz Films production company and ATI (Associated Television International) company (USA) resulting $ 1, 25 m.

'To Paris' had been released in Russia on May, 9th, 2019, and was presented for the International market for the first time at the Russian pavilion at the 72nd edition of the Cannes Film Festival supported by ROSKINO.

The feature is the first full-meter directed by Sergey Sarkisov written by Stanislav Govorukhin, Sergey Ashkenazi and Sergey Sarkisov. A classical eastern 'Krasny' by Nickolay Sarkisov is depicting the 1920s in the south of a post-revolution Russia. Both features are produced by Sergey Sarkisov.
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