The shooting period of Sergey Sarkisov's first feature film «To Paris!» has begun
The international producing film company Blitz Films has begun shooting a feature film with the working title "To Paris". This is the first feature film of the director and businessman Sergey Sarkisov. He is also the general producer of the film. Stanislav Govorukhin, Sergey Ashkenazi and Sergey Sarkisov took part in scripting.

The picture tells an amazing story of several tankmen who after the war decide to celebrate the Great Victory in Paris. On the way to France's capital, there are plenty of various exciting adventures held in store for the protagonists.

"Our film is based on an absolutely true story, says director Sergei Sarkisov. - First of all, this movie is not about war, but about people, about feelings, about how love for life awakens again in a man who has gone through all horrors of war. I am sure that the film will end up being very dynamic with many stunt scenes including a bike chase for a german car. I have to admit that the cast is incredible as it includes young and promising actors, as well as well-known, popular and beloved Russian cinema stars.

The main roles in the film are performed by such stars of Russian cinema as Dmitry Pevtsov, Sergei Makovetsky, Renata Litvinova, Fedor Dobronravov, Evgeny Stychkin, Mikhail Efremov, Igor Zolotovitsky and many others.

The general release is due in 2018. The shooting will take place in Moscow, Moscow and Kaliningrad regions and in Poland from June to August this year.

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