A teaser of the feature animated film "Fixies. A big secret" is released
It is the first teaser of the feature animated film "Fixies. Top secret" has been released today on the official YouTube channel "Fixies".

This electrically charged one-minute video announces the film, which is created with the financial support of Russia's Cinema Foundation. The film is intended for international rating and is due to release in cinemas in autumn 2017.

The film "Fixies. Top secret" will be a part of the megapopular franchise of the animated series "Fixies". The series came out in 2010. Now 124 episodes are ready, and tele-rights have been sold to 90 countries. The feature animated film is created by the same creative team, which has ensured the success of the series. The main cast is also well-known to the public (Dmitry Nazarov, Larisa Brohman, etc.), but there will be a big surprise - the voice of Alexander Pushnoy.

At the same time, the film "Fixies. Top secret" is launching a new russian movie franchise. The second feature animated film about small creatures living inside electrical gadgets has already been launched and is due for release in 2018-2019.

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