«Fixies-2» will receive support from Russian Cinema Foundation
The feature animated film "Fixies-2" has been included in the list of 35 projects of film companies, that are not leaders of Russian film production and that will receive financial support in 2017 .

The decision was made at the meeting of the Trustee Board of the Cinema Foundation.

All the projects were assessed by the scenario working group and the expert council of the Film Foundation on the basis of materials presented by film companies and presentations during the pitching of film projects. The projects approved by the Board of Trustees have received the highest grades of the expert council.

The second animated feature film about small creatures living inside electrical devices, whose title is stil kept in secret, is launched by the animation studio "Airplane". Its general release is due in 2019. New heroes and a new character-antagonist with his assistants are sure to emerge.

Production of the first feature film of the new franchise is at the final stage. It will be released in November 2017. The release is planned for 1500 screens. The co-producer of the project is Blitz Films company.

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