'Architects of Denial' a powerful look at the Armenian genocide
The powerful documentary "Architects of Denial" posits that denying such world atrocities as the 1915-18 killings of about 1.2 million Christian Armenians by the Ottoman Empire, which became the modern republic of Turkey, results only in history repeating itself. Producer-director David Lee George persuasively backs up this theory by taking a frank look at the horrors of the Armenian genocide as well as the modern-day persecution of Armenians by forces in Turkey and its ally, Azerbaijan.

The movie also deftly places the systematic annihilation of Armenians within the context of latter-day genocides in such places as Sudan, Rwanda, Cambodia and Guatemala. Most dramatic, however, is the narrative's chilling reminder of how a lack of accountability over the Armenian genocide led Adolf Hitler to believe that the world would also turn a blind eye to his "Final Solution."

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