First night of the animated film "Fixies: Top Secret" opened the Big Cartoon Festival

The first night of the feature animated film "Fixies: Top Secret" was held at the cinema "Karo Oktyabr 11" at the opening of the Big Cartoon Festival in Moscow. Blitz Films is the co-producer of the project.

The big hall of the «Oktyabr» cinema center, designed for 1500 people, did not accommodate all comers, and therefore the film was being screening in two additional halls. In the foyer before the performance young spectators could take photo with the growth puppets, try themselves in numerous educational activities and become the heroes of live broadcast of VK Live. All the children received balloons with the image of their favorite heroes. Such celebrities as Anastasia Stotskaya, Evelina Bledans, Vadim Galygin, Victor Horinyak and Svetlana Zhurova have visited the premiere.

During the opening ceremony fixiki flew on an airplane: a radio-controlled airplane was performing aerobatics directly above the spectators' heads, and at the same time a video from the cockpit of the aircraft was being broadcast on the screen.

The feature animated film "Fixies: Top Secret" became the follow-up of the popular children's animated series. The audience is waiting for the meeting not only with loved characters, but also with a new heroine - a DimDimMych's friend Katya. Besides the voice of Alexander Pushnoy will sound in the franchise for the first time.

The film was completely filmed in Russia in 2015-2017 by the Moscow animation studio Aeroplan with the financial support of the Blitz Films and Cinema Foundation of the Russian Federation. The large-scale preview of the project took place on October 28-29, and the general release is due on November 2.

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