Blitz Films successfully qualifies to receive subsidies from the government of the Kaliningrad region
The international production company Blitz Films was included in the list of five companies that have been selected for subsidies from the government of the Kaliningrad region. The decision was made on the results of the meeting of the special film commission on the distribution of financial rebates to filmmakers.

Rebates will be paid to five film companies, to compensate for their costs of producing films on the territory of the region. The list of the films that will receive subsidies includes the film «To Paris» produced by Blitz Films.

This is the first feature film of the director and businessman Sergey Sarkisov. He is also the general producer of the film. Stanislav Govorukhin, Sergey Ashkenazi and Sergey Sarkisov took part in scripting.

The shooting period took place in Kaliningrad region from June to August 2017. The picture tells an amazing story of several tankmen who after the war decide to celebrate the Great Victory in Paris. On the way to France's capital, there are plenty of various exciting adventures held in store for the protagonists.
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