Show Me What You Got
Usa, Russia, Italy 2019
Feature Film - Drama

А story that explores the lives of Christine, Nassim and Marcello who, after they met by chance, become a part of each other. They explore their sexuality with absolute freedom through a polyamorous relationship in a journey between Los Angeles and Italy. Each of them struggles to prove their worth to their families, to themselves and to the world around them. The film examines the profound effect that strangers can have on each other's lives and how the unpredictable circumstances of events can radically change the course of a lifetime.

Director: Svetlana Cvetko
Photgraphy director: Svetlana Cvetko
Music: Eric Avery
Producers: Philip Noyce, Sergey Sarkisov, David Scott Smith, Nick Sarkisov, Isabella Roberto

Cast: Cristina Rambaldi, Neyssan Falahi, Mattia Minasi
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